Сторінка 93

p. 93 ex. 2. Winter sports: figure skating, bobsleigh, ice hockey, snowboarding. Water sports: water polo. Team sports: ice hockey, water polo, handball. Outdoor sports: climbing, bobsleigh, golf, snowboarding, skateboarding. Sports that are played with a ball: water polo, handball. Indoor sports: wrestling, judo, water polo, handball, fencing.

p. 93 ex. 3. PLAY: rugby, cricket, soccer, basketball, tennis, volleyball.
GO: rowing, cycling, skiing, horse riding, sailing, swimming, running.
DO: boxing, karate, judo, high jump, gymnastics, athletics, wrestling.

p.93 ex. 1. 1. The Olympic Games take place every four year.
2. Sportsmen from many countries all over the world can take part in the Olympic Games.
3. The motto of the Olympic Games is "Swifter, Higher, Stronger".


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