Сторінка 83

p. 83 ex. 3. I don’t have anything in common with Alan’s family. We share the household chores in my family. Each of us has some duties. My mum always does the cooking. I help her in the kitchen at the weekends. My elder sister does the washing up and I dry the dishes. My dad does the shopping twice a week. Mum usually writes a list of necessary foods for shopping because she knows better what we need. My sister helps mum to laundry and to iron things. I hate ironing. Nobody asks me to do it. We have got a dog. My duty is to feed it and to take it for a walk twice a day. I do this with pleasure. On Saturdays we usually tidy our flat together. My duty is to tidy my room. I dust the furniture, put things on right place, vacuum the carpet and clean the floor. I get well with my parents. My family is very friendly. We love each other very much.


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