Сторінка 82

p. 82 ex. 6. A toaster is a machine that is used to make toasts. A microwave oven is a machine that is used for fast cooking or warming dishes. A cooker Is used for cooking. A dishwasher is used for washing and drying dishes. A freezer is used for freezing food. A refrigerator is used for keeping food and drinks fresh and cold. A food mixer is used for mixing foods. An iron is used for ironing clothes. A washing machine is used for washing clothes and linen. A sewing machine is used for sewing and repairing clothes.

p. 82 ex. 7. 1 — False (They discuss all the things they have to do).
2 — True.
3 — False (They take their dog for a walk twice a day).
4 — False (They take turns to do the washing up).


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