Сторінка 79

p. 79 ex. 1. Ukrainian Borsch
For cooking you need 200 gr of cabbages, 150 gr of tomatoes, 200 gr of sour cream, 5 gr of parsley, 200 gr of carrots, 50 gr of butter, 300 gr of beet, 80 gr of onions, 5 gr of dill, 10 gr of vinegar, some salt. Cut cabbage, potatoes, carrot and put them into the broth. Boil during 10 minutes. Chop the beet and add it to the vegetables. Continue boiling. Warm some butter on the frying pan, chop the onion and fry in the butter until it becomes yellow. Add to it come sour cream and mashed tomatoes. Boil the mixture and pour it into the pan with vegetables. Add some salt and vinegar. Chop the parsley and dill and put them into the plate before serving borsch.

p. 79 ex. 2. Dear Ann,
I like cooking very much. Recently I have cooked a very delicious dish. It is one of my favourite salads. I’d like to share the recipe for it with you. You need 3 boiled eggs, 200gr of boiled chicken fillet, 1 red pepper, 3 tomatoes, 100 gr of pineapple, some salt and mayonnaise. Cut chicken fillet and put it into the bowl. Chop boiled eggs, red pepper, tomatoes and pineapple. Put them into the bowl with chicken. Add some salt and mayonnaise. Mix the ingredients. The salad is ready. Enjoy your meals.
Yours Oksana.


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