Сторінка 63

p. 63 ex. 8. 1. Yes, my family often works about the house at the weekends.
2. My parents and I love our home very much.
3. My family does repairs and improvements to our flat almost every summer.
4. No, these days don’t have special names.
5. On these days I usually help my father to do repairs, help my mum cooking, tidy up the flat, go shopping.

p. 63 ex. 1. 1. Jane has been cleaning the carpet, doing the washing up and helping her dad to do the shopping that day.
2. Tommy has been feeding the parrot, watering the flowers and making a bed.
3. Father Sam has been doing shopping.
4. All the family has been visiting Mrs. Brown.

p. 63 ex. 2. My Usual Work about the House
My family is not big. Each of us has some house holding chores. My duty is to walk our dog three times a day. I also do the shopping with my mum, carry out the rubbish bin, water flowers, tidy my room and take my little brother from the kindergarten. At the weekends I like to help my mum cooking.


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