Сторінка 59

p. 59 ex. 1. 1. A: Who does the shopping in your family? B: Sometimes I do, but usually my mum does.
A: And who usually cooks dinner? B: My mum does.
2. A: Who usually does the washing up at your home? B: Sometimes I do, sometimes my mother does.
A: Who usually tidies your room? B: I usually tidy my room.
3. A: Who usually does the ironing in your family? B: My mother usually does.
A: Who usually airs the room? B: My mother usually does.

p. 59 ex. 2. 1. I think Tim Robinson doesn’t like both walking the dog and making his bed.
2. I think Mr. Robinson likes shopping and fixing things but he doesn’t like cooking.
3. I think Liz Robinson doesn’t like washing up but she likes shopping.


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