Сторінка 54

p. 54 ex. 2. 1. True.
2. False. (Doing shopping is a house holding duty).
3. True.
4. False. (They usually boil sausages in a small pot).
5. False. (They usually fry in the frying pan).
6. True.
7. True.
8. False. (His sister sometimes drinks coffee).
9. False. (His sister washes up with a dishwasher).
10. True.
11. False. (His mother stays at home and does a lot of things about the house).

p. 54 ex. 3. 1. Doing a work about the house is called «doing chores».
2. Usually each member of a family has a house holding duty.
3. Writing notes to each other helps family remember things to do.
4. Usually mother is the busiest person in the house holding chores.
5. We can boil sausages or fry eggs for breakfast.
6. When dish is ready we can serve it with salad.
7. To make tea we should use a kettle and a tea pot.
8. We can wash up and dry the dishes with a dishwasher.
9. We should put clean dishes onto the cupboard.
10. A woman’s work is never done.


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