Сторінка 50

p. 50 ex. 6. 1. I share my room with my brother /sister/. I am alone in my room.
2. Yes. my mother gets upset when she sees my room.
3. Yes, I tidy up my room only when my mum tells me to.
4. I usually put my things on the right place, dust the furniture, clean the floor.
5. Yes, I often do the ironing and the laundry. I like doing that.
6. Yes, I can fix things. Last time I fixed the chair.
7. My mum usually does cooking in my family. As for me, I only can make an omelet, sandwiches, tea and coffee.

p. 50 ex. 7. 1. What kind of room have you got?
a) Cosy, b) Tidy, c) Small, d) Big.
2. What condition is your room usually in?
a) Always a mess, b) Sometimes tidy, c) Tidy, d) Untidy.
3. What furniture is there in your room?
In it there is: a) a desk, a bookshelf and a bed; b) a wardrobe, a desk, a bed and a desk; c) a desk, a bed, a chest of drawers and a bookshelf; n d) a desk and a bed.
4. What things are there in your room?
In my room there are many things: a) books, CDs, shoes, pillows; b) clothes, books, notebooks, toys; c) a computer, CDs, books, copybooks; d) windows, chairs, lamps.
5. Where is your desk? In my room the desk is: a) opposite the bed; b) in front of the bed; c) near the bed; d) behind the bed.
6. Where are the posters in your room? In my room the posters are: a) above the bed; b) on my desk; c) on the door; d) I haven’t got posters in ray room.


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