Сторінка 5

р. 5 ex. 2. 1. There are 4 units in the book.
2. There are 2 lessons in each unit.
3. The title of the unit 4 is «Leisure Time».
4. There are some grammar rules in the «Remember» boxes.
5. We can find it on page 224.
6. Reading — читання; Vocabulary — нова лексика; Grammar — граматичний матеріал; Listening — аудіювання; Speaking — говоріння; Writing — письмо.
7. There are 4 «Му Learning Diaries» sections all together.
8. I can find «Grammar Reference», «Vocabulary», a list of irregular verbs and Tape scripts of some texts for listening at the back of the book.

p.5, ex.3. In class I like to do projects in groups. In class I like to learn by playing games. In class I like to learn more about English speaking countries.


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