Сторінка 43

p. 43 ex.2. 1 — b; 2 — a; 3 — b; 4 — a.

p. 43 ex. 3. Picture 1: Every day after lunch, Mrs. Jewls read a story to the class.
Picture 2: When the story was very funny Dana couldn’t stop laughing.
Picture 3: When the story was very sad Dana couldn’t stop crying.
Picture 4: The next day Dana came up to Mrs. Jewls for a talk. She wanted to go out when Mrs. Jewls was reading.
Picture 5: «Really?» asked Dana. She always thought she hated stories when she really loved them. She was glad.

p. 43 ex. 4. 1. Dana thought she hated stories.
2. a) John meant Dana couldn’t stop laughing calling her "a giggle box", b) John meant Dana couldn’t stop crying calling her "a leaking faucet".
3. She asked teacher’s permission to go out when she read.
4. The teacher explained Dana that she didn’t hate stories but loved them.


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