Сторінка 21

p. 21, ex. 1.    My Classroom
My classroom is on the first floor. It is big. There are three windows in it. The walls in my classroom are pink. There are many flowers on the window-sills and on the walls. You can see a lot of posters in my classroom. There are modern desks, a big blackboard, a TV-set and a computer in our classroom. We have our English lessons here. We do different grammar tasks, speak, read, sing songs and play at our lessons. After classes we make wall newspapers and posters here. We like our classroom very much and try to keep it clean.

p. 21, ex. 2.    My School
My school is not very big but it is really nice and comfortable. There is a big canteen an the first floor. We have our lunch there. There is a modern gym near the canteen. We have our PE lessons in it.
There are a lot of classrooms on the second floor. The IT room is great. There are 15 computers and a big screen in it. There is a TV-set in each classroom. We like to watch science films at the lessons.
You can see a big library on the third floor. The librarian is very nice. She always helps us to choose books or find some material for different projects. We also have a modern Science Lab, a Music classroom and an Assembly Hall in our school. We hold meetings and concerts and have parties here. There is a beautiful garden next to our school. We like to play there.


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