Сторінка 165

p. 165 ex. 1. b) 1. My granny said that she had never been to London before.
2. He remembered that he had left his hat at the theatre.
3. She wrote that she had had a good sightseeing tour around London.
4. The travellers came to the hotel, left their bags and went for a walk in the town.
5. Yesterday I received a letter from my friend, from whom had not heard for a long time.
6. We read in yesterday's newspaper that a group or doctors rrom Ukraine had gone to London to take part in a conference.

p. 165 ex. 2. 1. By what time had she shown us the central part of the city?
2. Had she bought all the things for dinner by 12 o’clock?
3. Had they see most of the Tower of London by that time?
4. By what time had Martin seen all the most popular places of interest in London?
5. Who had prepared breakfast by 8 o’clock?


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