Сторінка 122

p. 122 ex. 3. 1. Mary had called the doctor before he came back to the patient.
2. He took some medicine after he had felt pain in his heart.
3. Bob went to the cinema after he bad visited the dentist.
4. After the doctor had examined his patient he, changed his opinion.

p. 122 ex. 4. Patient: Oh, Doctor, I feel pain in my throat.
Doctor: I see. Take off your blouse. I would like to listen to your heart and lungs.
Patient: Yes, Doctor. And I’ve got a headache.
Doctor: Have you taken your temperature?
Patient: Yes. I’ve got a high temperature.
Doctor: Don/t worry. You’ve caught a cold.
Patient: What shall I take for my cold?
Doctor: Take these medicines twice a day, drink a lot of hot tea and try to stay in bed for some days.


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