Сторінка 114

p. 114 ex. 5. 1 — symptoms;
2 — look at your tongue, listen to your heart and lungs and check your temperature;
3 — specialist;
4 — examine you and prescribe some treatment, pills, tablets or other medicine;
5 — stay in bed and send for a doctor;
6 — have an accident;
7 — surgeons make operations, nurses take care of patients and doctors visit their patients at hospitals regularly;
8 — pay there, but it’s usually quick;
9 — to do physical exercises, be outdoors every day, eat only healthy food and get enough sleep;
10 — two more things for your health;

p. 114 ex. 6. A symptom; to sneeze, to cough. An illness: a sore throat, a disease. A part of the body: a tongue, lungs, a heart. Health service: a dentist, a surgeon, a nurse, treatment, to prescribe.


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