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ex. 3. Do you read stories in Maths? No, I don’t. I do sums in Maths.

What do you do in Art? I draw and paint pictures in Art.

Do you read stories in Music? No, I don’t. I sing songs in Music. What do you do in Ukrainian? I read and write in Ukrainian.

Do you do sums in Reading? No, I don’t. I read stories in Reading. What do you do in Computer Sciences?

I do projects on my computer. I sometimes play games.

ex. 5. I usually get up, do morning exercises, have a shower, make my bed, get dressed, have breakfast and go to school before classes. In class I usually have lessons. I usually have four or five lessons. After classes I come back home, have dinner, do my homework, go for a walk with my friends, read a book, play computer games, visit my friend or watch-TV.

ex. 6. Friday is my favourite day. I usually have five lessons on that day. I get up early. I like to walk to school. After classes I always play games and read a book. I sometimes help my mother about the house.


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