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ex. 6. 1. The passengers buy their tickets at the ticket office.

2. They arrive at the airport by taxi or by bus.

3. Airport is like a little town with shops, bars and cafes and the passengers feel comfortable here.

4. Before the flight the passengers buy their tickets at the ticket office, arrive at the airport, wait for the flight, pass the checkin desk.

5. Children like to watch pilots and mechanics through the big airport window.

6. They weigh their luggage, check the tickets and passports.

7. You can get to the plane by airbus.

8. The airhostess meets the passengers on a board of a plane,

ex. 7. You: I went to London last year.

Interviewer: How did you get there?
You: By plane.

Interviewer: Where did you buy tickets?
You: At the ticket office.

Interviewer: How did it take you to get there?
You: It took me three hours.

Interviewer: Where did you stay?
You: I stayed in a hotel


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