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ex. 3. a) the coldest, b) the happiest, c) in the world, d) the biggest.

ex. 4. 1. A mouse is shorter than a rabbit. 2. A horse is longer than a sheep. 3. A horse is faster than a cow. 4. A pig is fatter than a goat. 5. A sheep is thinner than a cow. 6. A dog is more intelligent than a donkey. 7. A cat is more interesting than a rabbit. 8. A chick is more beautiful than a goose.

ex. 5. About the domestic animals

1. The cow is the biggest animal.

2. The cat is the best animal.

3. The bull is the most dangerous animal.

4. The dog is the most intelligent animal.

5. The horse is the fastest animal.

6. The rabbit is the funniest animal.

7. The mouse is the worst animal.

8. The turkey is the strangest animal.

9. The horse is the longest animal.

10. The donkey is the most interesting animal.

ex. 6. It is a horse. It is the fastest domestic animal. It is very intelligent. It is bigger than a goat. It is friendly.

ex. 7. My Favourite Season in the Year

There are four seasons in a year. They are winter, spring, summer and autumn. My favourite season is summer. The weather is nice in summer. It is hot and sunny in summer. It isn’t cloudy or windy. It doesn’t often rain.

I don’t have school in summer. I have summer holidays. I go for a walk, play games outside, visit my grandparents, ride a bike or go jogging. I also visit my friend and we play together. I often go to the forest and pick up berries. I sometimes go to the river and swim there. Summer is the best time for me.


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