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ex. 5. About the chameleon

1. What does the chameleon eat?
2. Why does the chameleon eat insects?

About the owl.

1. How does the owl fly?
2. When does the owl sleep?

About the chimp.

1. What do chimps love doing?
2. Why don’t chimps like life in the zoos?

About the shark.

1. What do the sharks eat?
2. How often do the sharks attack people?

ex. 6. My Favourite Animal

1. My favourite animal is a dog because it is my pet.

3. It is small.

3. It is friendly and funny.

4. It is very beautiful.

5. The dog is a domestic animal. My dog’s name is Jerry. It looks very pretty. Its colour is brown. It has four paws. It is very intelligent. I take care of my dog. I usually feed it, keep it neat and clean. I always take my dog for a walk. I like my dog very much. Jerry is my best friend.


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