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Last week our family went to see the play «Romeo and Juliet» in our local theatre. This play is new so the actors and actresses are not so famous but still very talented. They performed really great and the spectators were impressed very much. The scenery was bright and vivid. It was changed many times during the play. The costumes and the makeup of the participants were fantastic, so rich and light at the same time. It seems that they were dressed in air and their faces look natural. The actors’ and actresses’ play was remarkable. It seemed that they did not perform but live on stage. They put their soul in every word and every move. It looked really great. The people were pleased so after the performance they took many curtain calls. And the spectators liked the music very much as it was united with the play and seemed to be part of it. Everybody knows the plot of this story that Romeo and Juliet die in the end but still the final scene was unforgettable. Some people almost cried because they were moved. I liked this performance very much.