Запрошуємо відвідати наш Інтернет-магазин і нашу Бібліотеку

p. 176, ex. 5
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— Hi, how are you? What have you been doing these days?

— Hello, I have been busy with my new friends. We are doing a project this week. It is called «Help our library». Last month I joined our Literary club at school. We meet every Friday and discuss the books we read. And we decided to collect books for our library. We ask people to bring the books they do not need at home. Maybe someone will like them. We exchange them into different things. And what about you?

— Well, this week I am doing nothing. But 1 am thinking of joining a new Drama club. My teacher says that I am good at performing different short dialogues and she advises me to join the club. I think it is a good idea.

— I think it is good as well. You should try yourself.

— Thank you. The first meeting is this week. Will go you with me?

— With pleasure.


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