Додано підручники для 8 класу за Новою програмою :: Запрошуємо відвідати наш інтернет-магазин «ДзвінОК»

p. 165, ex. 7
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Hello there!

I saw your poet and liked it very much. That is why I decided to respond. I have a very interesting, to my mind, idea! Why not have something like a quizz where everybody is looking for a piece of jewelry hidden in one of our classes? Do you know quiz novels by Boris Akunin? We can have something like this or we can have an Agatha Christie’s mystery evening when all the participants are investigating the murder. It would be really fun. And I can invite my classmates and friends to take part in this.

If you like the idea, contact me at mysteryquiz@gmail.com.


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