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My friend Joined our school orchestra last year. He Is good at playing the saxophone. He says that it is a very good extracurricular activity because he can spend time playing the saxophone among his friends. And sometimes his orchestra gives concerts to the pupils of our school and other schools as well. We all like these concerts very much.

In our school we have an excellent drama club. Pupils of all classes can Join it because it is a good opportunity to develop their skills. There they are taught to perform and speak in public. Once a year the club puts on stage some interesting play. Last year it was a wonderful play by our Ukrainian playwright Staritsky.

I want to be a journalist so I am the editor of our school newspaper. It is not big, only a few pages, and we produce only 1 copy of it but still I think that it is a good experience for me. My friends and I try to find out everything that is interesting and important for the pupils of our school and write about it. We do it twice a month and I think that everybody likes it. I think that the most important club in our school is sport club. A lot of pupils from our school can play different games there and play football and basketball. And girls can keep fit. It is also important.

We have a wonderful Arts and Crafts Club in our school as well. Pupils who can draw well usually decorate the walls and windows of our school. They also paint big posters and announcements. I think it is very useful. Our Music teacher runs piano classes twice a week. There are not many people there but only a few. They play the piano and try to improve their skills. Our teacher even tries to teach the ones who can’t play at all.

Our school choir is famous in our city. It performs quite often. Unfortunately, I am not good at singing. I would join the choir with pleasure.

We also have a Literary Club at school. Pupils who like reading gather every Wednesday and discuss some new novels or stories. They also invite other pupils to their literary evenings where they present famous or not very famous writers and poets. Last month they presented the famous Japanese writer Murakami.

Our Biology teacher is fond of gardening. She has a great collection of plants and animals in her laboratory. So she invited pupils who like animals and plants join her Nature Study Club.

A — Club Dance Unlimited. B — Skipping Club.

C — Ballet Club. D — Club Mini Movers.


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