Запрошуємо відвідати наш Інтернет-магазин і нашу Бібліотеку

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1. Maidan Nezalezhnosti got its name when Ukraine was declared independent in 1991. The Monument to the Independence of Ukraine (the white column, with the statue of the Ukrainian girl on the top) tells the Kyivites and the guests about this historical event.

2. Maidan Nezalezhnosti stands out as the most attractive square in Kyiv because it has wide grass-covered areas, fountains and magnificent historical buildings.

3. A model of the old Polish Gate (Liadski Vorota) in Maidan Nezalezhnosti reminds of the historical past.

The monument to the legendary founders of Kyiv, the Statue to the Patron Saint Archangel Michael, trade centre «Globus» in Maidan Nezalezhnosti are of special interest to the visitors.

4. Maidan Nezalezhnosti is especially solemn on holidays because it is the heart of Kyiv.