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a) 1. What is Podil? Where is it situated?

2. Where is the Merchant’s Yard situated? How old is it? When was it built?

3. Where is Fountain Samson situated? How high is this fountain? After what hero was this fountain named?

4. Where is Kontraktova Square situated? What events usually take place there? What is the name of the building situated there?

b) Podil is an old district in Kyiv, where craftsmen and fishermen lived. The district was formed after fire of 1811 when all the wooden constructions burnt down. The compositional center of Podil is Kontraktova Square, where each house is interesting in its own way. Since 1798 the square was the place for fairs and the Merchants’ Yard was put up. It contained 50 stores with various goods and products. Unfortunately the original building didn’t survive until today, and the new building of the same look was constructed. Near the Merchants’ Yard there is the fountain Samson, designed by Ukrainian architect Grigorovich-Barsky in 1749.


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