Запрошуємо відвідати наш Інтернет-магазин і нашу Бібліотеку

p. 144, ex. 6
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a) 1. not so expensive. 2. so busy. 3. so small. 4. so hard. 5. so happy. 6. so poor.

b) 1. She wanted to find out about the city’s attractions so she went to the tourist information centre.

2. We wanted to go to the airport quickly so we hired a taxi.

3. We wanted to grow our own vegetables so we moved to the country.

4. They wanted to have a well-planned rest so they went to the tourist agency.

5. They wanted to watch that theatrical performance so they bought the tickets.

6. She was preparing a report on Kyiv in the Middle Ages so she bought a book about the history of Kyiv.