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p. 118, ex. 4
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— What kind of sport are you interested in?

— I am interested in boxing.

— What famous boxers are you curious to know?

— I want to know more about our native boxers, Volodimir Khlichko and Viacheslav Uzelkov, Olexander Usik. I don’t know much about them so I am curious to find out what kind of people they are. I usually watch their fights on TV and I try to watch their interviews but they do not give me much information about them. I know that Viacheslav Uzelkov is a good and kind man. He took part in a dancing competition and almost won it. He proved himself to be a very good, kind and reliable man. And I do not know much about other boxers’ life. I am impressed with their recent fights but it is not enough for me.


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