Додано підручники для 8 класу за Новою програмою :: Запрошуємо відвідати наш інтернет-магазин «ДзвінОК»

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Nowadays there are a lot of modern up-to date cinemas in every city. Modern cinemas have constant popularity among viewers because they can entertain any spectator with new films which have special effects. They can get unforgettable impressions from watching modern blockbusters or thrillers as cinemas have up-to date sound systems, big screens and comfortable watch seats. Some famous cinemas take part in cinema festivals as Kiev or Odessa cinemas. Usually these events happen in summer and a lot of famous actors come to our country. For example, Killi from «The Hobbit» came to Odessa last summer. I like this Irish actor, Aidan Turner, very much. I hope he was impressed by our cinemas equipped with modern digital projectors.


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