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English. Your English Self: Підручник для 9-го класу (8-й рік навчання)

Українська мова навчання
Видавництво: Наш час
ISBN: 978-966-1530-37-8
Формат: PDF (електронна книга)

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Check Yourself

1. Remembering Summer
2. I’m a Ninth Former  

Unit 1. What Is It Like Being a Teenager?

1.1. It’s Cool!
1.2. A Teenager’s World
1.3. Getting Together
1.4. We Are Just... Teens!

Unit 2. We and the Environment

2.1. Global Problems
2.2. Becoming Green
2.3. Choice and Challenges
2.4. Hope for Our Environment   

Unit 3. Your Knowledge about the World

3.1. Can’t Do Without Them?
3.2. Your Media Way
3.3. The Media: Past, Present and Future
3.4. TV or not TV?  

Unit 4. Preparing for the Future

4.1. Make Your Choice
4.2. A Good Start  
4.3. A Creative Mind  
4.4. Work for It!  

Unit 5. Touring Britain

5.1. England’s Must-sees  
5.2. Introducing Scotland  
5.3. A Portrait of Wales
5.4. Northern Ireland: What a Place to Be!
A Cross-culirurcl Reader
Irregular verbs


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